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Swiss luxury watchmaker OMEGA celebrated the Constellation Luxury Edition at an evening gala held at "Bubble" - Shanghai Port
International Cruise Terminal - situated in the shore of Huangpu River in Shanghai, swiss replica omega China's style capital, with supermodel Cindy
Crawford, who has been an OMEGA brand ambassador because 1995.
Stepping onto the red carpet that led to a venue bathed within the glittering reflection of light around the Huangpu River cast from
the Pudong skyscrapers, it was the right setting for Cindy Crawford, who wore the Constellation Luxury Edition watch, along with a
roster of Chinese celebrities such as actor Simon Yam and his model actress wife, Qi Qi , acting couple Lu Yi and Bao Lei, and style
designer Alex Wang.
Style icon Cindy Crawford has produced substantial contribution towards the OMEGA Constellation's reputation as a style watch line,
not just by appearing in marketing campaigns but via her involvement in item style, providing her individual input and suggesting the
finishing touches. The outcome is the fact that the Constellation collection has been famously promoted as "Cindy's Choice".
The Constellation has lengthy been synonymous using the art of luxurious precision in its most refined type. Because 1982 it has
featured the iconic griffes or claws that make it 1 from the world's most recognizable timepieces. In 2009, OMEGA redesigned and
upgraded the Constellation. Whilst the Replica watches within the new line have all of the components which have produced Constellation such a
achievement for a lot of years, additionally they proclaim their very own identity. Inside the new Constellation collection, the
Constellation Luxury Edition was produced to express the values from the line at its most glamorous. The uncompromising luxury
delivered within this edition is represented by 1 from the most sophisticated wristwatch collections released in OMEGA's background of
over 160 years.
In his remarks, Stephen Urquhart, President of OMEGA, stated, "A symbol of luxury and prestige, Constellation has lengthy been 1 from
the standard-bearers of our brand. For nearly thirty years, the Constellation claws happen to be a recognizable symbol from the
Constellation line. It's fitting that we're introducing the Constellation Luxury Edition in Shanghai. Like this dynamic city, the
Luxury Edition is defined in equal components by respect for tradition and its modernity. This occasion reflects our dedication to
China and its significance to OMEGA. "
OMEGA's My Option campaign, featuring an image of a well-liked OMEGA ambassador together with a photograph of a watch from
Constellation loved ones, along with a text restricted towards the subject's name and also the words MY Option, has been usually
well-liked with Chinese customers and has contributed to OMEGA's clear leadership position within the Chinese marketplace. deep sea rolex
On this evening, the most recent advertisement featuring Cindy and also the Constellation Luxury Edition was unveiled for your initial
time. Dressed inside a black evening gown, Cindy looked as beautiful as ever, remaining uncompromisingly Cindy. She remains as
vigorous and gorgeous as she was she joined the brand.
Cindy, wearing Constellation Luxury Edition, produced a catwalk entrance around the gala runway. The guests reacted enthusiastically
towards the supermodel whose face and physique adorned the covers of a staggering 1, 000 magazines within the program of her
profession. rolex ring
Searching back on her years as an OMEGA brand ambassador, Cindy Crawford sad, "I will by no means forget the moment fifteen years ago
when I was invited to OMEGA's workshop in Bienne, that is exactly where I produced the definitive option for your final style from the
Constellation My Option Replica watches. For decades, Constellation has been component of my life. The watch is fairly feminine. It is
magnificent and exquisite. It is an ideal watch for ladies who worth themselves and their lives. "
Before the gala evening occasion, Cindy Crawford and OMEGA president Stephen Urquhart produced a tour of OMEGA's two new Corporate
Flagship Shops situated in the Swatch Art Peace Hotel and Xintiandi. These two shops, with their distinctive historic architectural
characteristics, amazed the supermodel who commented that they would certainly let clients appreciate a unique OMEGA encounter within
the home from the brand.
Around the afternoon from the prior day, Cindy spent two hours because the "Supermodel Mentor" at a nearby expert modeling agency.
Standing in the center of a group of Chinese models, she talked about her experiences and what she had discovered from modeling in her
lengthy, effective profession. She also shared expert modeling methods like how you can stroll and pose.
On each and every occasion of her quit in Shanghai, Cindy Crawford wore the OMEGA Constellation Luxury Edition. "Constellation is
usually my option. It hasn't altered for 16 years. "
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